Privacy Notice

At Carol Davis Sportswear and shopping, we concentrate on exceptional quality, not exceptional quantity. If you are not absolutely thrilled with the quality and performance of your garment, then we haven’t done our job and we want to know about it. All of our products are produced from the finest, state-of-the-art, high-performance cold-weather fleece fabrics.

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We guarantee the highest quality workmanship and a product absolutely free of defects. Worn and laundered properly, our garments will last a very long time. Worn improperly, abused, laundered in harsh chemicals and bleach, or dry cleaning will destroy this textile and we cannot guarantee or be responsible for such misuse.

All returns must be authorized in advance by calling Carol Davis Sportswear in the USA at 501.835.6331. Upon receipt of a defective garment, we will ship a new garment to you as an even exchange. If defects occur in shipping, you must contact the shipping company yourself. Please save the shipping container for proper damage claim. Unless a damaged container can be inspected, neither US Postal Service nor UPS will honor the claim and you may not be able to recover your loss.

Washing and care instructions are inside each garment. Please follow them carefully. Again, this
is a high-performance, synthetic textile which requires certain care. Do not dry-clean, bleach, launder in harsh chemicals or dry in a hot dryer. This could destroy the fabric which we cannot be held responsible for nor guarantee against. We urge you to launder separately in cool water with powdered detergent then drip-dry.