Home Improvement

Today we are going to switch it up a little bit from sporting to Home Improvement. Things that are important when staying at home. Let’s assume you are a resident of St Louis, MO. The chores of owning a home can sometimes become overwhelming. We all go through it so take a deep breath and attack one project at a time.

For most people buying a home is the biggest investment they will make during their lifetime. Maintaining it is also probably one of the most tedious tasks they will have. Here is a video and several tips to help you.

Pay a Professional for an hour of their time – Some may do it as a courtesy like Realtors, but home designers will charge you. Call several designers in your area and then check their reviews. Most designers charge in the neighborhood of $100 per hour. One hour will give you lots of useful information and well worth the money spent. Whether it’s a small suggestion like paint colors or where to place your furniture, it will go a long way towards improving the feel of your house.
Inspection – Some problems don’t lie within the exterior cosmetic of your house, some are internal. You’ll need a professional to find these. It’s really difficult to fix a problem you can’t see. Hire an inspector to check the hidden areas. They may discover a problem that can easily be fixed sooner than later. The longer you put off some repairs the more they are going to cost you later.
Painting your House – A really easy cost-effective improvement to your house is simple as painting it. The interior painting can be done easily yourself purchasing the paint from company’s like Sherwin Williams. When choosing your paint color select one that appeals to the highest number of people. Paint usually costs around $25 per gallon. The other equipment like painters tape, rollers and drop clothes cost a minimum.

Some of the outside things you can do

Plants – If you aren’t planning on selling your house right away, it’s a great idea to plan for the future. Add some landscaping that will grow into the time you stay in the house. Planting trees for shading certain areas is an awesome thinking outside of the box idea. It not only will look really cool, but could cost your cooling costs down quite a bit. Mature landscaping is also really great for the environment, giving a good refuge for wildlife.
Cleanliness really matters – There are several professional services like Window cleaning, gutter cleaning and pressure washing. You can hire a service company in your area by checking reviews and choosing the correct one. Let’s say you wanted pressure washing done. You would do a google search that looks something like Pressure Washing St. Louis – Then make a list and screen each company. With proper homework it’s easy to separate the good company’s from the bad.
Visually increase the square footage of your home – The size of your home believe it or not has a big influence on the value. Sq footage isn’t the only space to consider. How big a home feels can play a big part. The trick is to do your best to make each room feel large as possible. Also make sure the sun has plenty of areas to shine in. In short always leave the blinds open.

I hope these tips helped you today. Until we talk again, I leave you with this saying. “If your Dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t Big enough”