This week in Boise

This week we had a chance to speak with several different boise businesses.  We would like to thank Boise Auto Collision repair and Sundance for being two of Boise’s premier small company’s.


It takes courage and a lot of determination to make the decision to embark on a physical fitness program. You might have lofty ideas about what you want to achieve in a week, a month or a year. Admirable as all this, it is possible to commit some mistakes (especially when you are just beginning) that would make you fail to realize your dream.

Nobody is as motivated as a newbie who has decided to take training lessons. While enthusiasm is necessary, you need to keep it under control. When you are over-enthusiastic, you’ll set bars that might be too high for you. In an attempt to achieve quick results, you’ll end up stretching your body beyond its capabilities. You might therefore want to achieve certain results in a week while realistically such results could take a month or longer.

Over-enthusiasm is a recipe for frustration. People who fail to achieve what they thought possible will most likely quit. Avoid this mistake by taking one step at a time.

Failing to seek help
Should you decide to start exercising on your own, it is important to remember that it might turn out to be a rather lonely activity and that moments of self-doubt are bound to come. When you have worked so hard but have nothing to show for it, it is easy to quit. Having a personal trainer or a work-out buddy to encourage and motivate you could make all the difference.

Failing to set long term goals
Whatever training regime you get into, you can only succeed in it if you have clear long term goals. While exercising regularly has distinct benefits, the real transformation that a training program can offer will only be achieved by deciding where you want to be in few months, years or the rest of your life. The workout world is a jungle and what you wish to achieve could be very different from what your workout buddy wants to achieve.

Failing to keep track of progress
For you to know where your training program is taking you, you need to keep a record of the progress you are making. That way, you’ll know areas that need to be improved and, with the help of your personal trainer, you can decide whether you need a new set of exercises. Keeping a log is one sure way to build your motivation especially when you feel like giving up.