Welcome our newest sponsors

We are pleased to welcome our two newest sponsors.  We spent some time in Spokane, WA and interviewed several companies.  There were two that stood out and we promised to give them a plug.

First the owner of a successful carpet cleaning company, Matt has been in the area for over 2 decades.  Our other contributor Allen has been providing Spokane Auto Collision repair for over 30 years.

Thank you both for taking the time and talking with us.

Our blog this month is more information about Online Personal Training:


Until fairly recently, the person keen on getting in shape did not have too many choices. You either took up membership with a gym or hired a personal trainer for one-on-one training. Today, you have the additional option of taking fitness lessons online. Why is it more beneficial to opt for online training rather than go to the gym or hire a one-on-one personal trainer?

Ability to train at a place of your convenience
The real fruits of a training regime can only be realized when the training is conducted in a place you like. If you are going to a particular gym, you might not like the trainers there in which case you would end up shopping for a new gym and new trainers. This problem ceases to exist once you identify an online personal trainer. With online training, you and the trainer work according to a pre-determined schedule enabling you to carry out training at any place you choose.

Easy scheduling
However determined you or your personal trainer is, one-on-one schedules are bound to encounter problems. If you are a busy person who is used to handling emergencies, there are times when you’ll arrange for a training session and then fail to attend. The same goes for your personal trainer. He or she could have a truly busy life and the time must come when some training sessions have to be cancelled. The end result is that in the course of a few months you’ll discover that you have lost a considerable number of sessions. This inconsistency might affect not only your morale but also fail to produce the results you desired.

With online training, scheduling becomes very easy. All you have to do is decide on the targets that need to be achieved in a specified period of time – a week, a fortnight or a month. While going on with your busy life, you can then use the free time you get to work out. Whatever emergencies you might have to deal with, you can always find some time to recover the time you’d otherwise have lost if it was mandatory for you to meet your trainer personally.

Keeping consistent watch
With online training, you are constantly aware of the progress you are making. Your online trainer will require you to log everything you do and in a way, the app you’ll be using will be like having your personal trainer all the time. This is certainly different and more productive than waiting for a scheduled weekly one-on-one meeting.